With 16 years’ experience as a copywriter, copy editor, publicist, and published romance author, Danica is one of the few people in the publishing industry with the skills, passion, and know-how to help authors spin their stories into literary gold. A freelancer, Danica has worked with Entangled Publishing, Hart’s Romance Pulse, and with bestselling romance and suspense authors.

Danica prides herself on her skill, affordability, and diligence.


Hart’s Reader Pulse

Comprehensive Edits

Editing for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, plot, flow, Showing vs. Telling, passive vs. active voice, misused & overused words, and overall story issues. Also, these edits include reading the book as a critical reader would, and offering suggestions for revisions.

The aim isn’t to change your story, the aim is to scrub your story until it shines as bright and beautiful as you know it can.

Service Rate: $3.00 per page

Ex: 150 pages x $3.00 = $450.00

Copy/Line Edits

Basic editing for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, misused words, and general ‘oops’.

Service Rate: $2.50 per page

Ex: 150 pages x $2.50 = $375.00


Final read-through to spot issues your eyes may have missed.

Two sets of eyes are better than one!

Service Rate: $2.00 per page.

Ex: 150 pages x $2.00 = $300.00

We offer a sample edit of the first 1,000 words of your manuscript. Just ask!

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