2018 promises to be a year of big launches on Amazon, and the Brides of Blessings series will be one you don’t want to miss! Readers, here is the second book in this series. What do you think of its design?

TO LOVE AND TO HONOR, by Kari Trumbo

I warmly suggest you head to Amazon and preoder your copy today, this is undoubtedly something to add to your winter TBR list! 

Curious about the story that lives between the covers? Here’s the resume! 

By Kari Trumbo

Lenora Farnsworth’s family moves to untamed California, but will it mean the death of her dream to become a lawyer like her father?

Her father hires Victor Abernathy to protect the family. He’s just as foreboding as the land, but she’s drawn to him all the same. In gold-rush territory, she can be free of the restraints of Boston, but can she get past the rumors about his past enough to risk her future?

Victor is a displaced English heir, looking to make quick money panning for gold.

He’s never met a woman he couldn’t match, until Lenora. Whether it’s her rebuff, her beauty, or quick wit, he can’t keep away. He makes a wager with her—it’s his gambler’s nature—but he’s dealt a bad hand when his plans fall through. Lenora is a prize he can’t afford to lose, but when England calls, will he fold, or take his winnings and run?



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