Finally, one of the cover reveal I’ve been waiting for!  The one that really starts CLBD adventure!


By Lynn Winchester

I’m so very happy, excited, over-the-moooooon, to now have the right to introduce you to a long-term project I’m working on with a fine bunch of talented authors!

As described on their Facebook fan group

Brides of Blessings is a series that focuses on the enduring strength of women as they travel west, following their families and their dreams. And invites the reader to join in as these strong, amazing women find their happily ever after with men worthy of their hearts.

My guess: these books will hit the Amazon Best Sellers Rank in no time! Hurry up, and preorder yours today! 

Curious about the story that lives between the covers? Here’s the resume! 

By Lynn Winchester 

Leaving Ireland for a new life in America, Patience “Pati” MacGregor has followed the trail of her heartbroken father west, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With no money and a missing father, Pati has no choice but to settle down in a small, gold mining town of Blessings, California. Maybe the rough and tumble place could use a skilled seamstress…

Pete Jones has spent a lifetime fighting. Wounded in battle during the Mexican War, Pete is left with shaking hands, nightmares, and a sour disposition—but his new job protecting gold claims in Blessings just might be what he needs to kick the anguish of his past.

When Pati’s new business is robbed, she seeks help from the ornery yet honorable Pete, who doesn’t seem too keen on sticking his nose into her business. But Pete can’t seem to say no to the vibrant, fiery, oh so beautiful lass, which may spell trouble for his plans to stay lonely and single.

As the town begins to grow around them, and as trouble starts to slither in, Pati and Pete are desperate to find a love more valuable than all the gold in the mountain.

But can Pete be a man worthy of Pati’s love, and can Pati convince Pete she is destined to be his blessed bride?

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