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The custom design Carpe Librum Book Design invade the Amazon shelves this winter with the release of a beautifully written collection by 9 talented authors. Every day, discover a new story and follow the link to the pre-order!

Carpe Librum Book Design - Custom book cover design - Lockets & Lace Collection - Angela Raines - Chasing a Chance

Curious about the story that lives between the covers? Here’s the resume!¬†

Lockets & Lace Collection | Book 7
By Angela Raines

Does love give second chances? Edwin Markham hopes so. He has loved Mary Winters, now the widow Mary Gilpin, since they were young. He has heard from a friend that Mary is in a town overrun by outlaws. Edwin leaves his business and heads out to help Mary. He finds more than he ever expected.

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