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The custom design Carpe Librum Book Design invade the Amazon shelves this winter with the release of a beautifully written collection by 9 talented authors. Every day, discover a new story and follow the link to the pre-order!

Carpe Librum Book Design - Custom book cover design - Lockets & Lace Collection - Sophie Dawson - Pearl's Will

Curious about the story that lives between the covers? Here’s the resume! 

Lockets & Lace Collection | Book 9
By Sophie Dawson

Will Miller doesn’t know what to think when the lovely young woman faints in his jewelry and watch repair shop–except he wants to help her any way he can. 

Widow Pearl Ward, struggling to survive, needs to sell the watch-locket given to her on her eighteenth birthday. When she learns she’s expecting, he proposes. 

Will Pearl’s feelings for her late husband stand between them? Can they build a life together with his mother dead set against them?

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